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PE water supply pipe HDPE coil

short description:

Place of Origin: Suining, Jiangsu

Product use: water supply pipe

Product color: black

Product specifications: 20mm*3.2mm (outer diameter * wall thickness)

Nominal pressure: 1.6Mpa

Product Detail

Product Tags

Application Range

1. Gas, oil, and natural gas pipelines;

2. Urban and rural drinking water pipes, agricultural irrigation pipes;

3. Sewage pipe;

4. Industrial liquid transportation pipelines in chemical, food, pharmaceutical, papermaking, metallurgy and other industries;

5. Post and telecommunications lines, power cable protection sleeves, etc.

Product Introduction

The pe water supply pipe hdpe coiled pe horizontal joint pipe produced by Jiangsu Runshuo is used in urban and rural tap water pipe network systems, agricultural reform water network projects, and is especially suitable for direct drinking water and high-quality water supply. Urban and rural drinking water pipelines, water supply systems for residential and commercial buildings. Water supply pipe network for landscaping and agricultural irrigation pipes. Industrial chemistry and marine aquaculture can also be applied; Jiangsu Runshuo brand polyethylene (PE) water supply pipe is produced with high-quality PE100 as raw material, which has good flexibility, strong corrosion resistance, light weight, excellent impact resistance and sanitation Good features. Pipes and fittings can be connected by hot-melt sockets, hot-melt butt joints and electric fusion, etc., so that the pipes and fittings are fused together, the system is safe and reliable, and the construction cost is low. It is an ideal water supply pipeline.


A. Price discount
Factory direct sales

B. Good hygiene
is non-toxic, does not contain heavy metal additives, does not scale, does not breed bacteria, solves the problem of secondary pollution of drinking water.
Comply with GB/T safety evaluation standards and regulations of the Ministry of Health.

B. Long service life
High strength, excellent environmental stress crack resistance, Good creep resistance, normal use can reach more than 50 years.

C. Good construction performance
Convenient and reliable connection, light weight, convenient installation and maintenance.

D. High-quality tensile strength at break
Polyethylene water supply pipe is a kind of high toughness pipe, Its elongation at break generally exceeds 500%, has strong adaptability to uneven settlement of pipe foundation, is a pipe with excellent seismic performance.

E. Has outstanding low temperature resistance and good low temperature impact resistance
can be used safely in the temperature range of -20~40, winter construction will not be affected.

F. Larger circulation capacity
The absolute roughness coefficient of the inner wall of the polyethylene water supply pipe does not exceed 0.01, can effectively reduce water consumption. No blockage, high conveying efficiency

G. Good chemical resistance and corrosion resistance of various chemical media; no electrochemical corrosion.

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