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PE steel belt corrugated pipe

short description:

Product specifications: DN300-1800

Ring stiffness: SN8 SN10 SN12.5

Product color: black

Product material: HDPE polyethylene

Pipe length: generally 9m, support customization

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Steel-belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe refers to a double-walled pipe that uses high-density polyethylene (PE) as the matrix, and is formed into a wave form with a steel strip coated with adhesive resin on the surface as the main support structure, and is wound and composited with polyethylene material to form an integral double wall The spiral corrugated pipe is called the steel belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe.


1) Suitable for long-term temperature of medium not more than 45℃.

2) Buried plastic drainage pipes should be designed according to the theory of flexible pipes (pipe and soil work together). At the same time, the change in the vertical direction of the pipe in the design state shall not be greater than 5% of the pipe diameter.

3) The choice of pipe ring stiffness is an important indicator of plastic pipe design, so it should be determined from comprehensive considerations such as the buried depth of the pipe, the ground load, the nature of the trench backfill and the compaction coefficient, and the construction load. It is not economical to use high ring stiffness blindly. For pipelines with a buried depth of less than 1.0m under the carriageway, the impact of pipeline deformation on the road surface should also be considered.

4) Appearance

The inner surface of the pipe should be smooth, and the external waveform should be regular; the inner and outer walls of the pipe should be free of bubbles and visible impurities, and the weld should not be separated.

The section of the pipe after cutting should be trimmed and free of burrs.

The notch of the steel strip at both ends of the pipe should be on the same longitudinal line of the pipe.

5) Anti-corrosion layer thickness The adhesive resin and outer polyethylene are the anti-corrosion layer of the steel strip, which should meet the relevant regulations in the CJ/T 225-2006 standard.

6) The physical and mechanical properties of the pipe shall meet the requirements of Table


1. The inner and outer walls of the steel belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe fittings are smooth, and the friction coefficient is small.

2. High compressive performance of steel belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe: It can withstand pressure above 750N, so it can be exposed or covered in concrete without being damaged under pressure.

3, the steel belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe has good impact resistance and heat resistance: the casing will not be broken under normal tamping impact during the concrete pouring process, and will not be softened by the heat of condensation during the construction process.

4. Steel-belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe is moisture-proof and acid-proof: It has excellent moisture-proof and acid-alkali resistance and will not rust. The joints are bonded with PVC adhesive according to the regulations, which can waterproof and penetrate into the pipe, and the moisture-proof effect is better.

5. The steel belt reinforced PE spiral corrugated pipe self-extinguishes away from the fire, and the flame will not spread along the pipe.

6. ​​The bushing has excellent insulation properties and will not break down under AC2000V, 50Hz under water immersion. In terms of preventing accidental electric shock, the international trend is that insulation is better than grounding, and PVC casing is meeting this requirement.

7. Special additives are added to the PE spiral corrugated pipe reinforced by the steel belt, which will not emit odor and attract insects and rats to bite and destroy.

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