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Tensile performance of HDPE water supply pipe

Due to its unique advantages, HDPE water supply pipes are widely used in engineering building water supply pipes, buried drainage pipes, engineering building central heating, gas pipelines, welding and communication equipment maintenance waterproof casings, industrial-grade pipelines, agricultural and pastoral pipelines Wait. Its key applications are power supply in large cities, natural gas in large cities and agricultural irrigation. The excellent tensile properties make the use of commodities more common. The tensile properties of PE water supply pipes will be described in detail below.


In HDPE water supply pipe DOP application, high polymer material has necessary physical properties. For most of high polymer material, the physical properties are better than the tensile properties of other HDPE pipe fittings. Many customers believe that HDPE pipe fittings are used as When supplying water pipes, we do not care about this performance index of tensile properties, but when using raw materials, we need the physics of high polymer materials.

Generally, there are heat-shrinkable films and stretch-reduced films that have high requirements on the tensile properties of the raw materials. In fact, a specific HDPE accessory product usually has a tensile property of about 200%. Like the application of HDPE drag pipe fittings, this statistic is ideal, and the tensile properties are too good to be too good. Due to the excessive stretching, there is no doubt about the annular steel of the HDPE water supply pipe attachment.

What is the role of the tensile properties of HDPE water supply pipes? Many customers are not interested in the mechanical properties required by high-molecular polymers when used as materials. In most applications of high molecular polymers, mechanical properties can be said to be more important than other physical properties. Macromolecular polymers have the widest range of mechanical properties of all known materials. This is because macromolecules are composed of long-chain molecules, and molecular motion has obvious relaxation properties. When high polymer materials have a relatively high elongation value, the elongation at break of ordinary PE is 90% ~ 950% (the elongation value of linear low-density polyethylene LLDPE is higher). Through a special manufacturing process, some materials are stretched The length value can exceed 1000%, and the elongation at break of ordinary high polymer materials can also reach 50% ~ 10%. Generally speaking, heat shrinkable film, stretch film, etc., which require high tensile properties of the material.

HDPE water supply pipe has good tensile properties, is not easy to be damaged, and has a long use time. It is especially suitable for application. Maintenance is performed during application to extend the use time.

Post time: Aug-04-2021