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MPP power pipe

short description:

Nominal pressure: 10Mpa

Product color: orange

Product raw materials: PP powder as the main masterbatch

Product use: wire sheath, municipal pipe

Product features: good toughness, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, flame retardant

Product Detail

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MPP power pipes use modified polypropylene as the main raw material, which is a construction project for laying pipes and cables in special sections such as roads, railways, buildings, and riverbeds without a lot of dredging, soil excavation and road damage. Compared with the traditional "grooving and burying method", the trenchless power pipe project is more suitable for the current environmental protection requirements, and removes the dust, traffic jams and other disturbing factors caused by traditional construction. This technology can also be used in some cases. Lay pipelines in areas where excavation operations are carried out, such as historical sites protection areas, downtown areas, crop and farmland protection areas, highways, and rivers.

With the characteristics of high temperature resistance and external pressure resistance, it is suitable for high-voltage transmission lines and cables above 10KV.

110mm ~ 250mm, divided into normal type and reinforced type. The ordinary type is suitable for excavation and laying construction and trenchless crossing construction with a buried depth of less than 4M; the reinforced type is suitable for trenchless crossing construction with a buried depth of more than 4M.

Application Scope

MPP power pipes can be widely used in pipeline projects such as municipal, telecommunications, electricity, gas, tap water, and heating power.

MPP power pipe urban and rural non-excavation horizontal directional drilling power pipe project, and open excavation power pipe project.

MPP power pipe urban and rural non-excavation horizontal directional drilling sewage drainage pipe project. Industrial wastewater discharge project.

Connection Mode:

Use a welding machine to heat-melt butt, the welding point is about 200 degrees, not more than 220 degrees, when the temperature reaches, the two ends can be butted. (Because the connection method of the MPP tube is hot melt welding, the welding joint is not good, it will damage the cable or may be flattened, so the MPP power tube must be made of new materials)

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