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Large-diameter HDPE plastic steel winding pipe

short description:

Product specifications: dn1000mm

Product color: black

Product material: HDPE polyethylene

Pipe length: generally 9m, support customization

Product use: sewage pipe

Product Detail

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HDPE plastic-steel winding sewage pipe is made of rigid-plastic composite special-shaped strip through spiral winding welding (extrusion welding on the lap surface), and its inner wall is smooth and flat, and the specification is dn200-dn3000mm. This kind of pipe has the advantages of corrosion resistance, light weight, simple installation, large circulation, long life (50 years), etc. It can replace pipes made of high energy consumption materials (cement, cast iron, ceramics, etc.), and is an environmentally friendly green product


The composite of each layer is carried out in the molten state of the plastic; it is completely different from the secondary melting and molding of the wound tube (hollow wall tube), so the layers are completely bonded and the fastness is very high.
The surface of the steel strip is specially pretreated to enhance the corrosion resistance of the steel and the adhesion between the steel and the plastic, and improve the peeling strength. When the plastic raw material is fully melted, it is wound and formed, and the overall structure of the pipe is firm and reliable. The use of special materials and processes not only solves the problem of steel plate anti-corrosion, but also solves the adhesion between steel plate and PE material, so that the service life of the pipe is the same as that of pure plastic pipe, which is guaranteed to be more than 50 years.  Electric heat fusion connection, heat shrinkable tape connection, internal and external extrusion welding or a combination of multiple connections can be used to ensure a firm connection. Reliable connection can make the pipeline reach zero leakage.

Application Fields

1. Municipal engineering: buried drainage and sewage pipes;

2. Road engineering: seepage and drainage pipes of railways and expressways;

3. Industry: Sewage pipes widely used in industrial fields;

4. Construction engineering: building rainwater pipes, underground drainage pipes, sewage pipes, ventilation pipes, etc.;

5. Waste landfill sewage collection pipe;

6. Large-scale port and wharf projects: drainage and sewage pipes for large-scale airports, ports and wharf projects;

7. Sports venues: water seepage and drainage pipes in sports venues such as golf courses and football fields;

8. Water conservancy projects: the use of water source pipes, irrigation pipes and water delivery and drainage of hydropower stations;

9. Mine: mine ventilation, air supply, drainage, mud pipe;

10. Communication pipe: railway, highway communication, communication cable, optical cable protection pipe;

11. Water storage system: a water storage system that intercepts slow water flow;

12. Agricultural engineering: irrigation and drainage of farmland, orchard, tea garden and forest belt.

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