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HDPE Pipe Fittings

short description:

Manufactured by virginmaterials which isnon-toxic,tasteless and neverscaling, itcould effectivelyimprovethewaterquality.

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HDPE pipe fittings pipes/pipe fittings with different wall thicknesses, different PE grades, and different melt flow rates must be connected by electrofusion, and it is strictly forbidden to use butt-fusion connection.
Electrofusion pipe fittings can be connected to different grades of PE pipes and PE pipes with different wall thicknesses; the color of the electrofusion pipe fittings has no effect on compatibility. SDR11 and SDR17.6 PE pipes are connected together. But it is necessary to check the applicable pipe SDR range of electrofusion pipe fittings.

Detailed Information:

1. Raw material: PE100

2. Color: black, blue or other required colors

3. Size: Available range from 20mm to 630mm

4: Connection mode: butt welding and socket welding

5. Pressure rating: PN16 (SDR11), PN10 (SDR17.6)


1. Non-toxic

It is made of non-toxic, odorless, and non-scaling pure materials, which can effectively improve water quality.

2. Corrosion resistance

It has high resistance to various types of chemicals. No electrochemical corrosion.

3. No leakage

HDPE pipes and fittings are welded in the process of butt, socket and electrofusion. The strength of the joint is higher than the tube itself.

4. Higher flow

The transportation capacity under the same conditions can be increased by 30%, so the inner wall is smooth, which is convenient for pipeline transportation.

5. Convenient installation and construction

HDPE pipes can be installed in many ways, so it is very convenient for construction and installation.

6. Reduce maintenance costs

HDPE pipe fittings are not only convenient for transportation and installation, but also reduce the burden on workers

Labor intensity and improve work efficiency.

7. Longevity

The 50-year service life is below reasonable conditions.

8. Recycledanden is environmentally friendly.

No scaling, no bacteria breeding, solving the secondary pollution of drinking water.

hdpe pipe fitting inspection catalog:
Whether the welding surface at the bottom of the curling edge contains contaminants.
Whether the hemming is symmetrical, uniform and smooth.
Whether the hemming is within the specified range.
Bend the crimp to the back to check for insufficient welding.
Check the welding records.

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