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HDPE Corrugated Pipe

short description:

Good corrosion resistance. The Pipe has excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for chemical industry.

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HDPE corrugated pipe is a new type of lightweight pipe made of high-density polyethylene. It has the characteristics of light weight, high pressure resistance, good toughness, fast construction, and long service life. Its excellent pipe wall structure design is compatible with pipes of other structures. In comparison, the cost is greatly reduced. And because of its convenient and reliable connection, it has been widely used at home and abroad, replacing concrete pipes and cast iron pipes.
   The double-wall corrugated pipe is black in appearance and blue in the inside. According to GB/T 19472.1-2004 "Buried Polyethylene (PE) Structure Wall Piping System Part ***: Polyethylene Double Wall Corrugated Pipe" standard production, elastic seals are in line with the requirements of HG/T 3091-2000.
Production Process:
  ·Digital full-line centralized control
  ·Two-machine co-extrusion, double-layer split
  ·Full vacuum covered belt feeding
  ·Random flaring one-time molding
Product specifications:
   DN100mm, DN160mm, DN200mm, DN300mm, DN400mm, DN500mm, DN600mm, DN700mm, DN800, DN1000mm, DN1200mm, etc.



100, 150, 200, 225, 300, 400, 500, 600, 700, 800



Ring Stiffness

SN4, SN8, S1, S2

Color 1

Both outside and inner surface are black.

Color 2

Outside surface is black, inner surface is blue.

Color 3

Outside surface is black, inner surface is yellow.

Fittings offered

Rubber ring, or coupler.


OEM services is available.

Loading method

The best way is to load the smaller size into larger size to load more and save freight.


Physical and mechanical properties



Ring stiffness SN4(KN/m2)


Ring stiffness SN8(KN/m2)


Impact strength(%)


Ring suppleness

The sample is smooth without any recurvation or wall loose

Oven experiment

No delamination and no crack

Creep rate



1. Light weight, convenient handling.

2.Good corrosion resistance. The Pipe has excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, suitable for chemical industry.

3. Fluid resistance is small and the roughness coefficient is only 0.009, which effectively improve the hydraulic condition of the pipe network, reducing the operation cost of the system.

4. High mechanical strength, pressure pipe has good performance, impact resistance and tensile strength.

5. The connecting way of the pipeline is convenient for construction, saving the construction engineering cost.

6. Sanitary. The dissolution test confirms that it does not affect the water quality, suitable for popularization and application in large area.



2. Chemicalengineering

3. Oilfieldandgasfield

4. Thermalpowerproject

5. Metallurgicalmine

6. Expresshighway

7. Oceanproject

8. Shipbuilding

9. Burieddrainagepipe

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