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Aluminum Alloy Lined Plastic Composite Pipe

short description:

Product alias: aluminum alloy lining plastic pipe, plastic lining aluminum alloy pipe

Executive standard: CJ/T 321-2010

Product specifications: dn20-dn160

Product grade: Level 1

Product use: water supply, heating

Surface treatment: anodic oxidation

Theoretical mass: 1.5 kg/m

Reference for peeling length of aluminum alloy outer tube:

Nominal outer diameter (mm) 20/25/32/40/50/63/75/90/110/160

Peel length (mm) 13/15/17/19/20/25/28/32/38/55

Product Detail

Product Tags

Application scope

It is mainly suitable for cold and hot water supply in buildings, including industrial, civil cold and hot water and heating systems.

Aluminum alloy lined ppr pipe, this product not only has the advantages of plastic pipe sanitation, corrosion resistance, low thermal conductivity, and good conveying performance; but also because of the external composite aluminum alloy protective layer, it overcomes the low surface hardness, poor rigidity, and linearity of the plastic pipe. Many shortcomings such as large expansion coefficient, poor resistance to ultraviolet radiation, and easy aging. The aluminum alloy lined plastic composite pipe not only has the advantages of high surface hardness, good strength, impact resistance, and gorgeous appearance; on the other hand, because the pipe material including the main body of the pipe fitting is still made of polymer material, it also supports the high price of stainless steel pipe and copper pipe. The shortcomings; it is also a lightweight rigid tube with long-term application performance. The comprehensive project cost is reasonable. Compared with the traditional steel pipe, it greatly saves the installation labor cost and equipment and material investment. The product also reduces the operation and maintenance cost and prolongs the service life. It has a reasonable comprehensive project cost advantage.

Application Fields

1. The cold and hot water system of aluminum-alloy-lined ppr pipe buildings, including the central heating system;

2, the heating system in the building, including the floor, wall panels and radiant heating system;

3. A pure water supply system with aluminum alloy lining plastic ppr pipes for direct drinking;

4, aluminum alloy lined plastic ppr tube central (centralized) air conditioning system;

5. Industrial piping systems for transporting or discharging chemical media.

6, aluminum alloy lined plastic ppr pipe is used in the pipeline system such as the gas path of the cylinder transmission

RunSoo has an after-sales service team composed of 20 experts and technicians, equipped with more than 80 construction equipment such as hot-melt welding machines and electric welding machines, and can provide customers with technical consultation, technical training and other services at any time :

1. Ensure timely delivery in strict accordance with the scope of supply and delivery time required by the contract. Provide high-quality products and timely, continuous, thoughtful and meticulous service. To

2. Supply: Take timely and effective measures to make the goods arrive at the place you require on time to ensure the supply of materials and the completion of the project on schedule. For common specifications and models of pipes and fittings, we guarantee that they will be shipped within 24 hours after receiving the delivery notice.

3. Provide free technical consultation, technical training and on-site technical guidance.

4. For the existing supply site, according to the construction needs, Runshuo can appoint technical personnel to accompany the goods to the construction site, provide technical support for the installation process of aluminum alloy-lined composite pipes and HDPE pipes, and provide construction personnel with regard to pipe connections , Pipe laying, laying, installation knowledge training, provide detailed pipeline engineering technical regulations and construction specifications.

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