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Aluminum Alloy Lined Plastic Composite Pipe

short description:

Product alias: aluminum alloy lining plastic pipe, plastic lining aluminum alloy pipe

Executive standard: CJ/T 321-2010

Product specifications: dn20-dn160

Product grade: Level 1

Product use: water supply, heating

Surface treatment: anodic oxidation

Theoretical mass: 1.5 kg/m

Reference for peeling length of aluminum alloy outer tube:

Nominal outer diameter (mm) 20/25/32/40/50/63/75/90/110/160

Peel length (mm) 13/15/17/19/20/25/28/32/38/55

Product Detail

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Application scope

It is mainly suitable for cold and hot water supply in buildings, including industrial, civil cold and hot water and heating systems.

Basic Characteristics

1. The outer pipe of the aluminum alloy lined plastic composite pipe is aluminum alloy pipe, and the inner layer is made of thermal plastic, which makes the water quality cleaner. The water does not come into contact with aluminum alloy, which is not only hygienic, but also increases the service life of the pipe, which can be used for up to 50 years. The metal pipes are mostly galvanized steel pipes, copper pipes, cast iron pipes, stainless steel pipes, aluminum alloy pipes, nickel-plated steel pipes, plastic-coated steel pipes and other metal materials, so the outer pipe is easy to rust, the inner pipe is easy to accumulate dirt, and the life is more Shorter.

2. The aluminum sheet in the aluminum alloy-lined composite pipe completely isolates oxygen, eliminating the possibility of oxidation, corrosion and penetration.

3. The polyethylene in the aluminum alloy lining plastic composite pipe will not accumulate scale, and the flow rate is more than that of the metal pipe.

4. The polyethylene in the aluminum alloy lined plastic composite pipe has corrosion resistance and antistatic properties, so it can be used in engineering to transport chemicals and oil; while the metal pipe does not have the ability to prevent corrosion.

5. Metal pipes cannot be bent. Compared with general plastic pipes, aluminum alloy-lined plastic composite pipes have the characteristics of flexible and non-rebounding, which can reduce the amount of joints used to avoid flow rate obstruction and leakage.

6. The weight of aluminum alloy lined plastic composite pipe is 3-4 times that of copper pipe, 15-17 times of galvanized iron pipe, and metal pipe is much heavier, while aluminum alloy lined plastic composite pipe is easy to handle. At the same time, it also reduces the load of the building.

7. The construction of aluminum-alloy-plastic-lined composite pipe is simple and fast. It can be installed with simple joints, and can be easily cut by pipe cutters, and can be installed around beams and compartments. Like any composite pipe, the tightness of the glue between the different materials of the aluminum alloy-lined composite pipe is the most important, and it is also the key to preventing leakage; the density of the metal pipe is high and the seepage resistance is poor.

Construction and Installation

1. The pipeline buried below the indoor floor should be re-excavated after the backfill of the civil engineering is tamped. It shall not be buried before backfilling or on untamped soil.

2. All pipe connection methods are required to be connected with pipes and pipes, pipes and fittings of the same brand and material. Judging from the physical properties of the aluminum alloy lined PE-RT pipe, its linear expansion coefficient is higher among all kinds of pipes, which also determines that the supporting distance of the aluminum alloy lined PE-RT pipe is very small, and there is a pipeline overhead. The shortcomings of small span and many installations of supporting parts; due to the influence of complex conditions such as cross-operations during the construction process, the aluminum alloy-lined PE-RT pipe is easy to be pierced, and the reserved pipe end is squashed, resulting in multiple times There are more frequent repairs and rework.

3. The long-term working temperature cannot exceed 70℃; each section is limited in length and cannot be bent for construction. If the pipeline is laid for a long distance or has many corners, a large number of joints will be used in the construction ; the pipe is cheap but the price of accessories is relatively high .

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